The Hobos

Ut's five in the morning
someones knocking on my door
you must be crazy
no, my man, im bored
I have to work tomorrow
It’ll be a hard day
Allright, allright
Just let me use your ashtay
r.ooh aah wonderfool feeling
ooh aah what a nice day
ooh aah bi bi binbi busy crowd
all around me
ooh aah and there’s nothing
more to say
its five in the morning
and I’m listening to the radio
sleepy music
but I don’t have to sleep no more
this night is crazy
and so are you
alright allright 
doobe doobe doobe doo
so I don’t and I won’t
a bit of time later with first sun rays
I saw a trace of grace in your face
I’ve never seen your dreams and
I’ve never been there
I’ve got my dreams maybe more yeah
So I looked in your eyes so wise
And you rise
Above the timeless cries of my lies