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Don't Be Blind
Sveiks viesi! Pieteikties vai Reģistrēties
You're about to walk away
Wishing me a real good day
But still you're standing here
Baby do you wanna play 
A game a hate so
A game of love and hate
And when you doubt me
I can lose my faith

Look into my eyes
You'll see that there's no sin
The one you need for real
Is no one else but me

You remember everything we had
Who was there when you were sad?
It wasn't your mom and not your dad
I know that now it makes you mad

Right now I don't know
What I've done so wrong
Make up your mind
Baby don't be blind

There's been too much of time
That we have shared
So many ups and downs
We have survived
Take my hand and feel the pulse
So you will see that I have never been false
Dziesmu pievienoja: Katrina
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2010 Ārija Kalns (Par ideju un krātuves aizsākumu (1998 - 2009) paldies MA-1 Datori)
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