When The Rain Will Go

Mārtiņš Freimanis

How many days, how many ways
Should I go to find a place
Where heaven means to stay in love
With a single heart

How many days, how many ways
Should I try to find a place
Who'd say hey don't worry babe
I'm in love with you

Every corner of my heart
Makes me feel so worried
Looking for the courage
To be true

Every corner of my mind
Kills my feelings softly
Now I try to understand
Is this the road which leads to the end

Can you say when the rain will go
Being such a fool
I always mix up tears
With rain drops in my dreams

I try to walk, I try to talk
You see it hurts when no one knows
To show the way how to get away
By the way I've stocked

How many days, how many ways
Will it take to find that place
Deep in my heart I'm not so smart
I lost in space