Beautiful song

Ivars Makstnieks, Rolands Ūdris, Anmary

I was born in the distant ninety eighty
The year the irish Jonny Logan won
Now he’s old you know still kind of famous
Could be my way,

today’s my day,

i’m singing out my song

If i win as many did before me
If this song became a big known hit
I would buy oh my own mike to sing in
And all the jobs, i did before i’m surely gonna quit

Beautiful song is on the radio, is in the tv shows and so on and on
Beautiful song what everybody knows and every body loves 

My mama said you gonna be a singer
My father smiled when gave me my guitar
I did my best though i can be much better
Higher of the highest and the very farthest stars

And the day when Jegger Mick did call me
I couldn’t talk ‘cos i was really busy
Recording song with sir Paul Maccartney
I’m sorry Mick, I’ll call you back, one day i’ll call you back

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