There's No Way

Izpildītājs: Lauris Reiniks

Mūzikas autors: Lauris Reiniks

Vārdu autors: Lauris Reiniks

I will never know why
You came back into my life
Without a reason
You picked my favorite season

I can’t explain it all
What if we lie?
I am not used to say
Two or more goodbyes

Maybe there’s no chance for us
Maybe there’s no need to cry
Maybe there’s no way you can stay
Maybe there’s no time to play
Knowing that will never end
Maybe there’s no way we can stay

Run! I wanna scream now!
Run until the feeling’s gone
But someone stopped me
And something kept me tied

The shadow of our past
Is still hounding me
It’s time to save the last
Save the memories

I don’t wanna have this pain once more
See you walking out the door
And tell me why I read the sky
To find the answer there
But it has nothing say to me

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