I Know You The Best

Izpildītājs: Lauris Reiniks

Mūzikas autors: Lauris Reiniks

Vārdu autors: Lauris Reiniks

They say you're a typical user
I don't wanna feel like I'm a loser
They say you're pretty, too
I know and I will suffer a setback with you

I ignore their words and their opinion
I believe you're one out of million
I ignore everything they say
No storm and no rain can touch me today

I know you the best
When you lay down in my cozy nest
So calm and so true
There's no doubt of you
I know you the best
When you’re here in my nest
So calm and so true
There's no doubt of you
'Cos you're so true

They say I'm in your rotation
To have some more flowers and have some wine
And they say this is imitation
That I'm the first one in your line

Baby, be my butterfly
Gorgeous, beautiful and lifted in the sky
But share the same place where I stay
I take no notice of what they all say
Oh, baby, baby let's just run away

Never leave you in a cold
Never change you for gold
Come and share my cozy nest
That's the place for us to rest
When you're here in my nest
I know you. I know you the best

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